This 4-day course introduces the position of Fire Apparatus Engineer to OCFA personnel wishing to promote out of the rank of Firefighter. Instruction includes basic apparatus operations, inspection and maintenance, hydraulics, and an overview of the FAE position. Classes must be taken sequentially, but personnel who missed attending a prior day may sign up for the missing day. First preference will be given to prospective FAE candidates, with second preference given to prospective FC candidates. This course (or CSFM Driver/Operator 1A/1B) is required to promote to both FAE and FC. At this time, instruction for these classes is classroom based with some manipulative demonstrations.

Class 1

Topics Include:

FAE position and duties

 Apparatus Types

Engine Systems

Inspection & Maintenance

Operating an Apparatus


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September 17, 2019 (C)

September 18, 2019 (A)

Class 2

Topics Include:

Positioning Apparatus

Water Systems, Nozzles & Appliances


Aerial Apparatus

2019 Dates Offered

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SEPTEMBER 23, 2019 (C)

SEPTEMBER 24, 2019 (A)

Class 3

Topics Include:

Pump Theory

Operating Fire Pumps


Water Tender & Shuttling

Foam Systems

2019 Dates Offered

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October 1, 2019 (A)

OCTOBER 3, 2019 (B)

Class 4

Topics Include:

Apparatus Anatomy

Manipulative Demonstrations

Manipulative Evolutions

2019 Dates OffereD

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OCTOBER 7, 2019 (A)

OCTOBER 8, 2019 (B)

OCTOBER 9, 2019 (B)

OCTOBER 10, 2019 (C)